Only residents and citizens of Canada who are 14 years of age or older can become member of the Centrist Party of Canada.



You may be supporter of any political party, but our main duty is to our nation before our party. Our country is facing some critical problems today including:

  • Right- and Left-wing extremism
  • Financial and moral dishonesty of our governments
  • Budget deficit and increasing debt leading to higher taxes
  • Weak economic growth
  • Declining natural resource industry

Who is responsible for this? Political Parties or Canadians who keep on electing these parties again and again?

All of our political parties are failing Canadians at many fronts as there is no party in Canada that has a balanced approach to the above-mentioned critical issues faced by all Canadians. Thus, there is a dire need of a political platform that provides Centrist, the most practical and pragmatic approach to problems affecting all Canadians.

In these times of division when our social fabric, and unity is at risk, we need a political party which focuses on uniting and not dividing Canadians. Centrist Party’s vision is to address the aforementioned problems and bring complete transparency and fiscal responsibility in our democratic system. We are working diligently to uniting Canadians from coast to cost; however, we can not continue this task without your support.

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Why Centrism?

Centrism offers a pragmatic approach that transcends the rigid boundaries of partisan politics. In a polarized political landscape where extremism dominates the discourse, centrist philosophy strives to find common ground and foster collaboration to bring about fair and transparent governance.

This approach recognizes the complexity of real-world issues, and that solutions are found in a nuanced understanding, rather than adhering strictly to one ideological stance. By prioritizing evidence- based decision making and compromise, centrism promotes policies that are more likely to be effective and sustainable.

Partisan politics leads to a deadlock in the legislative process. Incorporating diverse perspectives and drawing upon the strengths of both Conservative and Liberal ideas, centrism can pave the way toward comprehensive and inclusive policies that address the multifaceted challenges Canadians are facing today.

Affordability Crises

Many Canadians are being pushed toward poverty by the affordability crisis. This complex issue is being oversimplified. Inflation and housing markets are intricate systems influenced by a multitude of factors and oversimplifying these issues hinders the development of effective policy solutions when addressing inflation it’s crucial to recognize that it can be driven by a complex interplay of factors such as demand and supply dynamics global economic trends and monetary policies. A superficial discourse may lead to misguided policy interventions that fail to address the root causes, potentially exacerbating the issues.

Pointing a finger at a single cause or personality overlooks the real forces at work it does nothing towards developing workable solutions and addressing the complex nature of the problem.

Be the Change

Engagement in the political process is a powerful means to bring about positive change in Canadian society by actively participating instead of just sitting on the sidelines. This in turn empowers citizens to have a direct impact on the decisions that shape their lives, and it fosters a sense of civic responsibility, instead of feeling like hapless victims of forces beyond their control.

The prospect of a brighter future for Canada lies in innovation and fresh ideas, embracing new perspectives for navigating the complex challenges that confront our society.

There’s only one true centrist party in Canada. Established in November of 2020, out of a desire to bring together all Canadians, to promote unity, accountability and stability in our increasingly fractured and disillusioned society.

Get involved by joining us and/or making a monthly donation that helps us spread the word and build momentum to bring about real change.

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Political polarization is our worst enemy, and it’s increasing day by day. The 2021 Federal Election campaign was the most divisive campaign of our history. It further divided the nation into Left-Wing vs. Right-Wing, Liberal vs. Conservative, Eastern vs. Western Canadian, Quebecer vs. Albertan, Indigenous vs. immigrant and so on.

All parties, irrespective of their ideologies, used their extreme left-wing or right-wing views to move their own party agenda forward. The left-wing parties such as NDP, Liberal and Green Parties are promoting shutting down our natural resources and have become extremist in their social views. On the other hand, the right-wing parties such as the Conservative Party continues with their fear mongering, anti-minorities, and anti indigenous rhetoric to promote division. Their recent governments have had many examples of putting their friends and cronies first before Canadians.

Governments of both Conservative and Liberal parties have been involved in many scandals of financial and moral dishonesty. In spite of their dishonesty, our Ottawa politicians have more loyalty to their parties than to Canadians. Hyper-partisanship has taken over the national interest which is quite concerning to all Canadians.

Governments of both political parties spend taxpayers’ money recklessly causing budget deficit and increased debt which leads to higher taxes for Canadians. Uncontrolled overspending on foreign aid which ends up in bank account of corrupt politicians of foreign countries and corporate subsidies are affecting every Canadian. Why do we continue to support this?

Our economic growth is weakening day by day. In a country with the third largest reserve of oil and gas, every Canadian child is born with a debt of almost $30,000 dollars. Our automotive and general manufacturing plants are also shutting down leading to higher unemployment in Canada. Why is it so?

Our Natural resource industry has been struggling. Canada is responsible for only 1.5% of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and the rest 98.5 % of Greenhouse Gas Emissions are from other countries including China, India, Russia and others. Despite this fact, all political parties are focussed on shutting down our oil and gas industry.




October 9, 2023

There are many countries in the world which are still using coal as a source of energy, which leads to the highest greenhouse gas emissions.
The world needs more energy due to increasing population and development, not only in the developing countries but also in Europe where the supply of natural gas has been threatened due to the Russia and Ukraine conflict.


April 8, 2022

The budget 2022 brings more than $50 billion of overspending and will drive up cost of living.
Canadians are already facing affordability crises due to multiple factors including pandemic and rising inflation. Under these circumstances, The Centrist Party of Canada was expecting a budget focusing on controlled spending, tax breaks for Canadians and improving housing supply.

Justin Trudeau Has Failed Minorities on Quebec Bill 21

December 13, 2021

Quebec Bill 21 was legislated in June 2019. As a result of this law a teacher in Quebec was fired last week because she wears a head scarf i.e., Hijab. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been aware of this law as well as this incident. In fact, he has been questioned by journalists’ several times if he would take any practical action against this discriminatory law. He has always given statements which do not reflect any real commitment on his part to end this law.

Liberal Government Cabinet Appointments

October 26, 2021

In these unprecedented times, as a nation we are not only dealing with the pandemic, but we are also facing affordability and unity crisis. For our economic future, we need a government which is hard-working, committed, and honest. With regards to the Prime Minister, he has appointed many ministers who do not have a practical or rational approach to the problems our nation is facing.

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