Gender equity is a fundamental principle of the Centrist Party of Canada.  Women of all backgrounds experience discrimination and gender-based violence more frequently. This is even mor common for women from marginalized communities. We consider reproductive rights to be a personal decision of women.

Developing educational policy

We will work with the provinces to develop educational programs from elementary school level to counter gender-based discrimination.

Gender based pay equality

On an average Canadian woman make 30% less than men, and this disparity is even greater for racialized, Indigenous and immigrant women. Our government will prioritize pay equity, will require employers to be transparent about pay.

Supporting women advocacy

We will provide stable funding to women’s organizations for advocacy and support of women.

Gender based violence in various communities

The Centrist government will work with women organizations and advocacy groups to develop a National Action Plan to end gender-based violence. We will make legislation to end this targeted violence. We will provide funding to ensure that victims of gender-based violence have easy access to better shelter services, social support, and community programs especially where these services are limited. Domestic violence damages our social fabric and has very negative impact on children raised in such environment. We will develop a task for to assess the factors leading to domestic violence and how to eliminate it. We will develop domestic violence leave policies.

Training of law enforcement

We will support police training on sexual assault, as well training of other law enforcement and judicial officers.

Ending on campus sexual violence

Educational institutions should be free of any harassment and violence. We will require universities to develop plans to end sexual violence on campus.

Violence against indigenous women and girls

We will develop programs to eliminate violence against Indigenous women and girls by working in collaboration with Indigenous organization and implement the calls for justice of the National Inquiry.

Supporting childcare

Women work force is integral for our society. More women can enter in work force if they have access to adequate childcare. We will support highly safe and quality childcare programs for all women who want to work. We will also ensure that parental leave is flexible, and it is easier to qualify for Employment Insurance.

Political participation of women

Centrist will remove all obstacles to women’s political participation. We will introduce policies in our party and our electoral system supportive of participation of women in political process. We believe there should be 50% nominations for women in any political party.

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